I know some of you haven’t heard of this place yet. Only a few local negrense (people of negros island) heard of it but has never been to the Island. I consider myself lucky to have known the existence of the island and actually been to the island before mankind can taint its beauty. I am also thankful for my friend, Charis Faith, who brought us to the island and welcomed us in her home, to her parents who were very accommodating, and to her cousins VR and Harvey who manned the boat for our island trip.

I went to the island twice. The first time with my cousin, Joren, and our friend, Charis. The second time with my friends from work.

How to get there:

Ride a bus going to Sagay or San Carlos City. The bus dropped us off in a park where tricycles await. Ride the tricycle going to Vito port. From Vito Port, ride a boat to Molocaboc. The boat trips are only until 12 noon and they make sure to fill the boat before they depart so you may have to wait a little. You also have the option of paying for a smaller boat going to the island for 800-1000 pesos. This option is convenient when the boat has left your group like what happened to ours haha!


When you arrive to Molocaboc, you have to walk in the manmade footpath to get to the Bantay Dagat tower. They will charge you 5.00 pesos per person and you can stay all you want. The bathroom was on repair during our visit. The tower is in the middle of the sea surrounded by crystal clear water.

VR and Harvey took us in the middle of the sea to watch the corals. You can literally just see them from the boat. Yes, the water is that clear. They took us farther up the island with white sand beaches and calm waters. There was nothing on that part of the island except trees so you have to bring all you need. Later that afternoon, we watched the sunset on the sandbar near the mangrove plantation.

The island does not have a resort or inn. No supply of water and no supply of electricity. Some residents have generators for use during the night and In case you can’t go back before sunset, some locals offer their homes for a fee. Water is scarce so it’s expensive on the island. They have to purchase water from neighboring island using boats. Also, make sure to bring food. There are no restaurants in the island.

Please bring your garbage with you. Never drop it in the water for all our sake.




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