Siquijor Island

Welcome to the land of Fire! In ancient times, the island was feared for its dark magic, sorcery and witchcraft. The same story has been featured on Tv Shows. If you ask your grandmother/grandfather, they would probably tell you that it’s true and they may stop you from going. This may no longer be the case now but it’s best to be cautious.

I and my friends went there last May 2015. There were 6 of us. We took the midnight bus ride from Bacolod to Dumaguete and arrived just in time for breakfast. We ate at Hayahay Restaurant. Price ranges from 200-300. After breakfast, we headed to the port and rook the boat going to Siquijor. You will get there in less than an hour. White sand beaches and cool blue waters will welcome you. I honestly think it’s a waste they made the port on this part of the island. You will see that the beach isn’t so nice on other parts of the island. The quality of beach lessens the farther you go. The color of sand changes as you go farther away from the port. You will see more pebbles, rocks, seaweeds, and sea urchins.

We took a jeepney ride from Port to Candaping, Maria. You can see a lot of resorts and inns on the side of the road. Price is cheaper for backpackers but no one of us likes to sleep on a tent so this option was crashed out. Haha! We then rode a habal-habal going to our resort and if you are not used to riding in a motorcycle, you will be scared for your life. We stayed at Princesa Bulakna at Candaping, Maria. The staff here are nice people. Our driver was so friendly too! Sadly, there is no cellular reception on this part of the island. The road going to the resort is narrow and if you bring your car, you’d have to walk a few meters going to the resort. Don’t worry, your car will be safe. You can park it within the compound and a guard is stationed at the entrance.

We found it hard to look for food in the island. The resort serves food but only a limited number are available. And there’s only fish. It was sad to learn that there are no squids, crabs and shrimps on the resort. Accommodation is cheap for a 6 person air-conditioned room with bathroom. I’m just sorry that I can’t remember how much we spent but I can guarantee you it was cheap.

The entire place is huge and they even have a flower farm within the compound. You will see different kinds of flowering plants within the compound. The resort also has a short cut to a century old balete tree. There are good for 2 air-conditioned bamboo cottages on the upper part of the resort (I never asked how much, I’m sorry I never cared). We stayed on the lower part near the pool. We never enjoyed the beach because it was bad. It looked like a plantation for seaweeds.

The following day, the resort arranged us an island tour. We went to different beaches and found a few decent ones where we can swim in the sea. We went farther uphill for a nice island view and coffee. We stopped by a local carinderia on the side of the road to eat lunch. Don’t ask me where because I was too hungry to care haha! It was pretty expensive for a carinderia but we had no choice. As mentioned earlier, food isn’t everywhere. We then went to their church. Outside the church you can see locals selling different amulets, charms and potions. We then went up to Cambugahay falls where you can swing and jump to the water. Next is Salagdoong beach where we never got the chance to cliff jump because it was low tide by the time we arrived.  We enjoyed swimming in the sea though but a bit sad to go home without jumping off a cliff. It was supposed to be the highlight of our trip but well…everything happens for a reason I guess. Maybe I am meant to go back haha!



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